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We Can Thank the Orphans

Careful driving and pagan holidays — brought to you by children with no parents. Laylee: Why are you driving so slow? Me: I’m being careful because there are so many kids out on the streets. Laylee: You have to drive … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Does Anyone Actually Choose the Trick?

Honestly, I am more than willing to go buy a few Snickers bars for the neighborhood kids to avoid finding a flaming bag of poo on my front porch. It’s just common sense and although the bag contents are the … Continue reading

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I saw an IMAX movie about Egypt on a date with Dan this weekend. I really think that if given the budget and footage they had, I could have made a much better film. I mean, look what I did … Continue reading

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They Deleted My Subtitle- Updated

“Fostering Apathy and Cynicism in a Generation that Needs More Hope” I can’t imagine why that title wouldn’t appeal to a broad audience of casual weekend readers, but that’s just me. (UPDATE: The subtitle is now restored and truthfully it … Continue reading

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Prepared to Administer Hypothermia and Allergens

(This happened a month ago. I am just now calm enough to blog the carnage.) So I was sitting in a soggy tent in my back yard for three hours with 2 children under 4, no socks and a mother … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday – Special Times

[Daring Young Dad here. I’m a Guest Blogger Schmoop today. Hi! *waves wildly*] Once upon a time, I did not know how to make chocolate-chip cookies. Shocking, I know. This is the story of how I learned. My mom is … Continue reading

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