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Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

I was woken up at 5am last night-morning by Dan palming my face like a basketball he’d lost in a dark closet. His hand was flapping around on my face and I just finally said, “Stop. Stop. Seriously. What are … Continue reading

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“Try your best. Invest yourself in everything you do. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. But do you wanna know a secret? Some of my greatest successes in life have started with … Continue reading

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Nocturnal Animals

Wanda noticed the moon was up and the sun was going to sleep. She commented that she, quite similarly, goes to sleep at night. This fact is debatable. She goes upstairs at night. What happens there is mysterious, frequently loud, … Continue reading

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Hello, Calgary!

I was listening to NPR while I ran errands this weekend, when Ira Glass suddenly started talking about my hometown, the best hometown I know, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The opening segment of This American Life was about different cities’ failed … Continue reading

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Oh Deer! Oh Gnome!

Maybe it was Amelie. Maybe it was southern summer nights. Maybe it was me. Maybe it was you. But I sure love gno-omes. Garden gnomes in animated films? Meh. But real, serious, ceramic, wood or even resin garden gnomes. I … Continue reading

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Bloggable things happen but I’m out of the habit of capturing them and then quicker than a Seattle snow storm, they disappear and when I sit down TO BLOG… nothing. So here are a few tidbits from this weekend before … Continue reading

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