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One Year Ago Yesterday

I clicked “post” for the first time over at  In honor of that momentous occasion, I will publish this post one year and one day later and the stars will align and the 8 remaining planets will hum peacefully in their orbits.  … Continue reading

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It’s Hard Out Here for a Perfectionist – Who’s Not

So I’m new here, in this town, where I live.  You know?  The move and such?  Many of my good friends have moved out of state recently or just gotten lives or something.  I’m starting to make new friends slowly.  … Continue reading

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They Ate Bambi’s Mom

And now I’m wishing a big hole would open up and swallow Laylee’s.  Me and my big mouth. She did this to me, you know?  With the questioning.  Why? Why? Why? I broke down.  I did and there’s really no … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Summer Lovin’

Dan and I are rounding out 5 years of wedded bliss, and wedded bliss it has been, lassies.  I love him dearly.  Every once in a while I like to look back and remember our first kiss, a kiss which … Continue reading

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Woman Troubles — A Tree Grows in Brooklyn Chapters 27-37

(My latest is up at This section of the book was painful for me to read.  It sets in motion Francie’s adolescence, a time full of pain, heartbreak and harsh realizations about the cruel world.  No longer can she look … Continue reading

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BlogHer — Not a Social Club

Why did I go to BlogHer?  Here’s part of the essay I wrote to the mommybloggers, applying for their scholarship, without which I would not have been able to attend:

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