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HTC Incredible – DROID

So I’ve been playing around with the Motorola Droid for a few weeks and I’m gonna share some thoughts on the experience soon. However, I’m first going to jump to the end and say that I LOVE the Droid. I … Continue reading

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What’s In a Name?

Magoo came home from a birthday party last week and told me they’d eaten cheese-flavored cake. After a brief retch as I imagined a block of cheddar covered in frosting, I figured out what he was talking about. Why does … Continue reading

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Swabbing the Neck

Although she’s been known to ingest her fair share of playing cards in her day, Wanda has discerning tastes when it comes to real food. She likes her rice cereal done just so and only sometimes. She enjoys fruits and … Continue reading

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I am Sage and Full of Advice

“What’s the difference between sage parental advice and annoying lectures? Honestly sometimes I’m not sure.” [Read More at]

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If you look up the word “harrowing” in the dictionary, you will likely find a detailed description of Wanda’s epic journey across our living room yesterday evening. Three days ago, she had no idea that combining multiple rolls could move … Continue reading

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Lego Batman – The Career Path

Magoo recently told me that he wants to be Batman when he grows up. I can only assume he means Lego Batman because that’s the only version of the super hero he’s really been exposed to. He was real coy … Continue reading

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