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We Don’t Put Meat in Our Pockets

Last week I found myself having the following conversation with Magoo: Me: NO. We don’t put meat in our pockets! Magoo: Oh. Hmm. We don’t put meat at our pock-ets? Me: NO. Meat only goes in our mouths or on … Continue reading

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Roly Poly Love

This afternoon Laylee began a parental love affair with a roly poly pill bug she found under a log in the back yard. She “saved” him, brought him tenderly inside and showed me how CUTE he was. Ay, Lassie. He … Continue reading

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Gimpish in Seattle

Icannotstaywell! Icannotstaywell! If my body is cooperating and healing from my many seasonal plagues, I must sabotage it in some way. Today was a MODEL day. I drove Dan to work and Laylee to preschool. I watched two of my … Continue reading

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Not Even Recycled

I have sad news friends. After less than 7 years of marriage I have parted ways with my wedding bands. I came home from my trip and found that my purse was absolutely crammed with dirt, crumbs and mysterious chunks … Continue reading

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Toilet Paper is so Versatile

This picture makes me giggle Every. Time. I. See. It.

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No Vehicular Urination in This Family

I was driving around campus when I went to visit BYU earlier this month. Julie and I were meeting up for lunch and I arrived at the visitor parking lot with plenty of 2 minutes to spare. The lot was … Continue reading

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