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Don’t Even Think About It

So, I was driving in Carnation, WA, when this caught my eye: I slammed on my brakes and backed up, giggling to an extent that Wanda was worried for me. Why even put up the hoop? The poor teenage boys … Continue reading

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A Table Full of Thanks and Giving

My hands-down favorite Thanksgiving tradition is the So Let It Be Written Thanksgiving Tablecloth. I like this even more than the fancy cheese tradition, where we test out all kinds of new fancy cheeses late Thanksgiving night after the turkey … Continue reading

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Mindful Eating – A Review and Giveaway

Do you have as hard a time with food as I do over the holidays? Let me rephrase. Is food one of the most exciting and simultaneously terrifying parts of the holiday season? Do you swear you’ll “be good tomorrow” … Continue reading

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Throw Your Vote in This Cardboard Box

We used to slide our ballots into electronic vote-counting machines. Several years ago, King County moved to an absentee ballot system to save money. I miss the camaraderie of standing in line at a fire station with my whiny kids … Continue reading

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