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Drill Team, Princesses and the Best Mom Ever, Who is Me

I’m always looking for great new ways to play the hero to my children, while expending limited money and effort. Sometimes I really have to search for these opportunities and other times they just bonk me over the head. The … Continue reading

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Have Fun and Don’t Be an Idiot

The kids are growing up and doing stupid stuff. It takes my mind back to the good old days when I was young and doing stupid stuff and couldn’t understand why my parents were concerned. [Read more at]

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A Funeral for Hope?

Yes, it’s true. According to the Saturday Seattle P.I., hope is dead. While the rest of the country was desperately doing chest compressions, the Post Intelligencer decided to cover up a yawn and just call it. Time of death – … Continue reading

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Fare Thee Well JackAgain

Poor Jack is dead. Poor JackAgain is dead. I noticed him laying on the bottom of the bowl a few days ago, his untouched pellets swollen on the surface of the water. This is not unusual for JackAgain. He will … Continue reading

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Laylee’s Mite

Laylee’s been trying to interpret and apply the biblical story of the widow’s mite. I blogged about it over at the Parenting Post. …She replied, “Maybe Jesus just decided he didn’t want people to give as much money to the … Continue reading

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In Mourning

I’ve been struggling with a stomach bug this past week and recently its friend the head and chest cold came to join the party so I pretty much feel like pathetic death on toast. But worse than that, my laptop … Continue reading

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