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I Don’t Think We Should Eat These

They might be worth something someday.

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Calling All Mixed Martial Arts Fighters

They’ll train us!!!??? This awesome sign appeared yesterday at a major intersection just outside of town. I saw the guy placing it there. I’d say mid-twenties, shortish, dark hair, possibly hispanic. I wasn’t paying too much attention to him. Then … Continue reading

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Wherein I Remember Just in Time That I am Not a Ninja

When you’re writing a novel, there’s a blurry line between fiction and reality. I infuse my story with aspects of places and characters I have known. My heroine has characteristics I possess or wish I possessed. Some of my best … Continue reading

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Saving People from Bad Ghosts is a Labor of Love

All day long on Valentine’s Day, I was listening to romantical music to put me in the mood for love. I pulled out the eighties power ballads, the Whitney, the Celine. I got in deep. And in his deepest of … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

And may all your heart-shaped pancakes be fluffy!

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Working from Home

I’ve been home with my kids from the time Laylee was born eight years ago. For the most part I’ve loved it. As with any occupation, it has its rough moments, but overall I couldn’t have asked for a better … Continue reading

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