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Merry Christmas from Our Little Wise Guys

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Uphill Both Ways

I have a post up at Parenting today about our experiences being snowed in for Christmas. I submitted the post a couple of days before the 25th so it does not include our experience of waking up Christmas morning to … Continue reading

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Three-Year-Old Interrogations

Magoo is at a stage where he just NEEDS to know. He needs to know why. He needs to know who. He thinks he knows how but he’s not sure. Yeah. He wants someone to tell him how. [Read the … Continue reading

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The Wish List

Laylee let me know verbally what she wanted for Christmas a couple of months ago. So, being on the ball as I am, I did my shopping early. Then last week when we wrote our letters to Santa, she asked … Continue reading

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Advent Activities

I’ve had several questions about our advent calendar so here’s a little rundown. You already know I’m all about pockets. The obsession continues with the advent calendar my mom helped me make this year. It’s a replica of the one … Continue reading

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Last Minute Gift Ideas

I think I’m mostly done with all my shopping. Today I shipped out all my gifts to far-off family and friends, for the first time ever not caring about how fast they went out because I planned far enough ahead. … Continue reading

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