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Starting Solids… Again

Why is it that I have total solid food amnesia? “The one thing so far that’s really thrown me for a loop is starting the little bub-jub on solid foods. I cannot for the life of me remember what I’m … Continue reading

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I could hear their bickering from upstairs and tried to ignore them. Soon it spilled out into the hall and shortly Laylee was at my side with her arms folded. “Mom! Magoo’s being so mean to me.” “Yeah?” I asked, … Continue reading

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Yes… And

Last weekend, I took a young woman friend of mine into Seattle to have lunch with Nintendo, that nebulous Mario-ridden empire of a company, some women and girls doing amazing mentoring work in the community, and stylist Jennifer Rade. It … Continue reading

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Baby’s Getting Tattled On

How old is old enough to be tattled on? We found out last week. [Read more at]

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Meeting Maria

I stayed home from church today with a pathetic sickly Wanda. She’s got a snuffly nose, a cough, a rattle and a roll. She can’t sleep without a binky but she can’t breathe WITH a binky so we are at … Continue reading

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Socks and Simplicity

“I found that I spent the first several months of her life carefully matching the socks after each washing, holding them up to the light, analyzing color, weave, texture, cuff, stretchiness, length and width. I was playing laundry Cupid, finding … Continue reading

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