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Did you know there were FISH at the aquarium?

This week I went to the aquarium with Laylee’s preschool class and a group of helpful high school students who received extra credit for accompanying us. While they ran around after my kids, I experienced something strange and wonderful. Personally … Continue reading

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World of Words

A prescription for her restlessness and boredom. A key to becoming a knower of all knowledge. A magical device to transform the gibberish that surrounds her into useful language. A ticket to travel anywhere in the world and meet anyone … Continue reading

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Don’t Make Me Open Up a Can of Civil Rights on Your Racist 4-Year-Old Butt!

I thought I’d take a few minutes last Monday and teach the kids about Martin Luther King Jr. and civil rights in general. We had a good talk in the car about who Martin Luther King was and what he … Continue reading

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President Hinckley

The prophet and president of my church died tonight at age 97. He has served as the prophet for the last 12 years and as an apostle before that for longer than I’ve been alive. I was honestly surprised by … Continue reading

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Mom’s Body is Everybody’s Body

I kinda sorta thought that once my children were born and weaned, my body would be my own again. [read more at Parenting]

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Attention Costco Stalkers

I know what you’re doing. I’ve done it myself… repeatedly. The thing is — I’m much better at it than you are. If I were currently stalking someone for their Costco parking spot, I would not choose the mother with … Continue reading

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