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Awkward Family Photos – Daredevil Edition

We were at a friend’s house today when Wanda saw a horrific sight over my shoulder. It was a sight that made her startle, gasp and clasp her hands over her mouth, her eyes wide. What she had seen… Prepare … Continue reading

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One thing is certain. The Nintendo DS is mine. I purchased it with my birthday money a couple of years ago in a fit of My-Parents-Never-Let-Me-Have-A-Game-Boy-And-Now-Is-MY-Time exuberance. Dan said I wouldn’t use it and that I should just buy a … Continue reading

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And She Shall Never Thirst Again

Happy late Pi Day. I hope you ate pie, you free-as-the-wind-gluten/sugar-eating free spirits of freedom. Can you tell this gluten-free/sugar-free thing is bringing me down, man? It is. But the good news is, I don’t feel a ton better off … Continue reading

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After six years working with the teenage girls at church, I’ve moved on to a new job. It’s… a “little” different. The class of three-year-olds in the Mormon church are called Sunbeams and I’ve written about the experience of teaching … Continue reading

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It felt like a betrayal of pencils and chalk and teachers’ mugs full of bad coffee. This year, for the first time ever, I did not order school pictures for my kids. I have a camera larger than a VW … Continue reading

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Dental Fairies

Magoo still believes in the tooth fairy and defends her honor in the face of mockery at school. The only downside to this centers around the tooth fairy’s complete and utter moron-acy. She is totally intellectually insufficient. When his tooth … Continue reading

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