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Polly’s Godless House of Hoochie-Wear

Laylee was playing Polly Pockets with a grownup friend the other day.  I wasn’t around but here’s the way I heard it went down. Laylee:  This dress is beautiful. Marge:  Yeah. Laylee:  But it’s not modest. Marge:  Hmm.. Laylee:  Should … Continue reading

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Love and Babies

It’s that time again.  February is almost upon us so it’s time to Share the Love.  Go on over and nominate someone you love today.  I’m excited to find some new reads.  (I’m ineligable due to your ridiculous kindness last year.) … Continue reading

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NoI’mNot YesYouAre

I was recently babysitting for a friend’s daughter, an adorable little 2-year-old elf who can spell her 3-syllable last name perfectly.   She reminds me of a corporate executive in miniature with bulbous pig-tale buns, marching around the house and calling … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Preschool Mania

Is your infant enrolled in preschool for the 2009-2010 school year?  Slacker!  Has she taken the Pre-MCATs yet?  The horror! Ever since reading Jenny’s post about preschool registration, I have become completely obsessed with the process and it’s bringin’ me … Continue reading

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I Support Choice and Natural Consequences

Today is Blog for Choice Day and posts are popping up everywhere in support of Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose. The labels that fly around show the biases of those who wield them.  I could be … Continue reading

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Some of This

-So, um, yeah.  I just stopped by Costco and happened to take this picture.  No I did not photoshop it.  That is my real parking spot!   AHH!!!  I know.  The best day ever.  I’ve still got it! -Fairies are invisible … Continue reading

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