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My Inner Two-Year-Old

Sometimes I’m more like Magoo than I like to admit.

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Do Mail Truck People Sleep in a Bock?

Yesterday we drove past the Post Office and Laylee had the chance to witness more mail trucks than she had EVER SEEN IN HER LIFE! Glory be! It was a lovely sight. Laylee: Mom! Look at all those mail trucks! … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Reading with Kids

The internet’s been down all day here so Tip Tuesday is gonna be mostly on Wednesday this week but I know you can roll “wid” it because y’all are cool like that. When Laylee was first born, I read to … Continue reading

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Western Canadian Washroom Sightings

Some people call them “bathrooms.” This is strange. For the most part they contain no bath tubs so I’m not really sure how that’s supposed to work. False advertising I say. Some refer to them as “restrooms.” Also odd. There’s … Continue reading

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Time Warp

Well, we’re back from a lovely 9 days of playing in Calgary and camping in Banff. I hadn’t been back up to Alberta for over 10 years and I’d never taken Dan or the kids up there. More pictures and … Continue reading

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The Benefit of the Trout… er Betta Fish

When you’re driving through town and you get stuck behind some obnoxiously slow unshowered driver still wearing pajamas at 2 in the afternoon, give her the benefit of the doubt. She may not be a drunk crazy psychopath. She may … Continue reading

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