Tip Tuesday — Does Anyone Actually Choose the Trick?

smartiesHonestly, I am more than willing to go buy a few Snickers bars for the neighborhood kids to avoid finding a flaming bag of poo on my front porch. It’s just common sense and although the bag contents are the same color as chocolate, I prefer giving treats to getting tricks.

Now whether you have kids or not, are a kid or not, have ever seen a kid or not, or have even heard of Halloween, you will probably end up with an indecent amount of candy at your house by tomorrow morning. I’m not sure how it always happens. Halloween is rather magical that way.

The important thing is not what kind of candy you get or even how much. What really matters is how you dispose of it. Are you a hoarder? Do you eat it all as quickly as possible? Donate it to an orphanage in Romania for the tax deduction? Or do you simply eat one piece of candy per day until next year?

Guru lady told me this morning that a friend of hers makes a paper chain with different colored rings. Each color means a different amount of candy from 0-whatever you’re comfortable with. The kids take down a ring each day to see how much candy they’re allowed to eat from their treat bag. I’m liking this idea.

How do you eat it? One of my earliest blog posts was a treatise on the one true way to eat Kit-Kat bars. I still eat them like that and I hope by now a few of you do too.

With Rolos, I nibble out a small hole and then suck out all the caramel, finally consuming the chocolate shell. It’s quite satisfying and prolongs the enjoyment.

Tell your candy tips. What is the one true way to eat a peanut butter cup? How many Smarties should be eaten at once?

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Reasons: Magoo lifting every pumpkin he sees over his head and smashing it to the ground and laughing

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24 Responses to Tip Tuesday — Does Anyone Actually Choose the Trick?

  1. Alicia says:

    There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s….as is evident by the half empty bag that was supposed to nourish poor starving trick-or-treaters.

  2. Susan says:

    This week I learned that Smarties really CAN make your stomach hurt. You know, when you eat, say, fifteen rolls. In an hour. By yourself.

    I did it as a public service. You’re welcome.

  3. Anne/kq says:

    M&Ms and Skittles both need to be separated by color before being eaten. Then they should be counted, and the one with the least should be set aside, along with an equal number of each other color. Then the excess should be eaten in rainbow order. Then the rest may be eaten by twos, one on each side of the mouth and no two of one color at once, taking care to deplete each color evenly. Alternatively, they may be eaten in straight or reverse rainbow order, one at a time, alternating side of the mouth that they are chewed on.

    I know. I’m insane.

  4. Erin says:

    Anne, I eat my M&M’s the same way. Although… until you wrote it all out, I never realized that it was that particular – just that something was odd about it. (I slapped my fiance’s hand away from my M&M’s once because he was going to mess up my system!)

    And when I eat Peanut Butter Cups, I try (usually unsuccessfully) to eat the middle first and then the ring of mostly chocolate with a little bit of peanut butter last. Usually, the ring breaks and I just shove it all in my mouth at one time.

    Mmm… now I want peanut butter cups.

  5. Brooke says:

    Growing up, we always had to divide our candy in half. Equal halves. None of the Sinckers/Milk Duds/Blow Pops in one pile and the rasins/smarties/Dots in the other business. After the candy was divided we took half of it over to the orphanage near our town.

  6. Amy A. says:

    Right after trick or treating, my kids pile everything in front of them to make trades. Then, they get their own stash, but it has to stay in the kitchen. They then get three days to eat their candy, but only after meals, not including breakfast. After that, everything is thrown in the trash. I hate it when I see kids eating Halloween candy at Easter.

    The only way to eat a Reeses is to break it in half, eat out the peanut butter, then eat the hard chocolote ridges. It’s also better if it’s stolen out of the kids trick or treat stash!

    Happy Sugar Highs!

  7. wendy says:

    I like the kids to eat all they can in the first day or two. The problem with saving halloween candy is that 1st – I’ll eat all the good stuff out of their stashes, and 2nd – after a few days everything starts tasting like gum. So it is better at our house if the kids have a couple days of sugar high, and then get back to normal.

  8. Proud Daughter of Eve says:

    I still have at least half of my stash from last year. Hoarding is the way to go! 🙂

  9. andrea says:

    Slightly off topic … After umpteen years of doling out candy each Hallowe’en I finally figured it out: buy candy you don’t personally like. Even though there’s nothing much you can do about what your kids bring home, at least you won’t be starting in on October 15th — and then having to go out again and re-buy on October 28th. Up until tonight I’m an angel of purity.

    Question: when can you start shaming your kids about going out on Hallowe’en? 🙂 My son turned 14 on Friday and is almost 6’1″. Will anyone even GIVE him candy any more?

  10. Cousin Annie says:

    I am a definite believer in eating it all as fast as possible. I do try and save the reeses pb cups because they are my faves, but they don’t last long either.

    If you try and pace yourself you will eventually pick up a nasty candy eating habit, and who wants that?

  11. mimi says:

    Anyone here ever see the Malcolm in the Middle episode where they are attending the company picnic and the youngest, Dewy, is forbidden from eating candy? They later find him in the bushes with the pinata gutting it like a lion and a gazelle. They pull him out and he’s covered in chocolate and growling as he rips the “flesh” from the pinata. It cracks me up. They didn’t have to stretch reality much for that one.

    We solve the candy problem by allowing the kids 10 pieces of candy each and then they “trade” the rest for a $10 gift certificate to Toys R Us. We tell them they can get whatever they want as long as you can’t eat it. This is awsome to the seven yr old and still acceptable to the 9 yr old. We may have to up the amount for him next yr. Then Dad takes the candy to work where his students (college) pick at it till its gone. The kids aren’t hyper or crabby and DH wins popularity! HOORAY!

  12. grammyelin says:

    Just eat it. Eat it all. Eat it with wild abandon. Then start “being good” when all the temptation is gone.

  13. Proud Daughter of Eve says:

    Re: #9, why does anyone care how old the trick-or-treaters are? Does the cute little five-year old somehow deserve the candy more than the fifteen-year old? What’s the problem?

  14. Tressa says:

    My Kit Kats go the same way 😉

    I know people like to ration the candy with their kids, but I’m all about getting rid of it. Let them eat as much as they want for a week, then they’re tired of it by the end & the novelty wears off & they forget about the rest, which is usually all the bad candy anyway. The good candy is gone within the first 24 hours.

    We just make sure we brush our teeth well.

  15. HLH says:

    I dole out a peice or two a day to my kids. After about 3-4 days they have forgotten of its exsistence, then I end up throwing out whatever my husband hasn’t eaten by Christmas.

  16. I eat my 2-year-old’s. She won’t remember anyway.

  17. My plan is to talk my kids into making a big candy sculpture with it. Then they can sell it on E-bay for a zillion dollars to an on-line casino.

    Either that or I’ll just let them eat it till they’re sick and it’s gone.

    I eat Kit Kats just like you do. But my weirdest thing is that I don’t eat candy anymore. I’d rather be nice than sweet!

  18. falwyn says:

    Forgive me, but there is a phrase in your first sentence that needs this link:

    @mimi — that’s a FANTASTIC IDEA. We have yet to get a really ridiculous haul, but I’ll totally keep it in mind.

    I have my four year old’s promise that she will be sharing with me. My number one new rule for Halloween (and other times too) is that life is short, calories are limited, and I refuse to eat crappy candy. (Obviously that definition would be personal, but I like me some Almond Joys and Butterfingers and Nutrageous bars.) If I’m going to gain the weight I want to have actually ENJOYED it at the time.

  19. krista says:

    I like to eat Nutella from the jar. I buy Nutella on occasion with no intention of ever using it as a spread. It’s just me, the Nutella, and the spoon standing over the counter. Oh yeah.

    I like the Ferrero Rocher. I like to see if I can dismantle the outside coating while leaving the round cookie wafter in tack. The next step is to dismantle the cookie wafer while leaving the fragile and soft chocolate coating of the nut in tact, followed by dismantling that, and trying to keep the nut itself unscathed. It’s quite the delectable challenge.

    Last but not least, The Mr Big chocolate bars. Inside the chocolaty goodness is a long vanilla wafer. Naturally, I eat the chocolate all around the wafer first, then eat the wafer one layer at a time, rendering my hands completely useless to anything else but further chocolate eating since they are covered in brown, melted deliciousness. Mmmmmm.

  20. Jamie J says:

    I eat my reses by eating all the chocolate I can off the outside and then save the peanut butter for last. Same thing with my 3 musketeers..all the chocolate and leave the squishy nougat until I’m done. mmm, better get me some!

  21. KYouell says:

    Oh, how I hope The Biscuit is ready to trick or treat next year!

    My tip on not eating the candy is to buy myself a 1/2 pound box of See’s raspberry creams. Mmmmm. Store candy seems sad when that’s available.

    I don’t mind giving out candy to older trick or treaters as long as they are in costume and not rude. I have gum (not chocolate) for the rude ones. I trick or treated into high school as part of a club effort to raise money for UNICEF. I was always surprised at how many people insisted we take candy too. 🙂

    Oh, and Jamie J eats Reeses the right way! I’m off to try the Kit Kat thing since we have some leftover.

  22. sarah hart kingston says:

    I’m going to come out, now that I know I’m not the only closet candy-stealer. It’s been a long and lonely life, but I feel much better knowing there are other candyholics out there. I’m definitely not a hoarder, I’m a devourer. I try not to have the stuff around except on days when I have done a least a 10 mile run. Which hasn’t happened since last summer, and won’t happen again until some baby baggage gets gone. So all the stuff the boys brought back last night will likely be gone by tomorrow. Then I can start making more COOKIES.

  23. Jessica says:

    Oh…to be a kid…and to think of ways to eat candy…LOL

  24. a fan says:

    m&m’s – i’m a sorter, too, in the exact same way. find the color with the least, eat in rainbow order (when there were light browns, they came after the dark browns), and eat evenly. ocd at its finest! but i only eat red and purple skittles.

    butterfingers and 3 musketeers: eat the chocolate off first, then savor the innards.

    kit kats: bite off small squares and suck on them. the chocolate melts away first, then the wafers start to fall apart until you taste the gritty, sugary insides.

    reeses: nibble the chocolate edges off, then pop the whole center in your mouth, letting it melt as it sticks to the roof of your mouth.

    i’d rather teens trick-or-treat then whatever the shady alternative is!

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