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Speedily Down to Hell

Today in the car, Magoo noticed that several cars were speeding past us. Magoo: They are going off the speed limit mom! Totally! Me: Yep. They’re going pretty fast. Magoo: They’re going too fast. We don’t drive like that. Me: … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Guy WE LOVE YOU!

Magoo’s decided that all motorcyclists have escaped from some sort of parade and that their main role in this world is to smile and wave at him sweetly like Miss Latina Puget Sound sitting on the back of her white … Continue reading

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We Can Thank the Orphans

Careful driving and pagan holidays — brought to you by children with no parents. Laylee: Why are you driving so slow? Me: I’m being careful because there are so many kids out on the streets. Laylee: You have to drive … Continue reading

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Queen Cars and Bikers — Moto-racial Profiling

Since watching the movie Cars, and I use the word “watching” loosely here to mean having your parents pay $5 to get you into a matinee so you can rotate between the theatre and the restroom like a pinball and … Continue reading

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