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Keeping My Baby

“I grab the produce quickly, not taking the time to pretend I know what makes a watermelon good, and I rush back to hug him dramatically. ‘OH BABY!’ I fake-sob…” I’ve decided to keep my baby. Read more at

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On the Bright Side…

…this is the first time in my life I’ve ever been able to successfully wink my right eye. Then again, it’s completely glued and swollen shut so winking my left eye has lost its charm.

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Portrait of a Cyborg

Things are strange around here. In ocular health news… it still kills! I’m giving the antibiotics a couple of days before going back to my neighbor’s house for things which I don’t know what they are. (If you comment on … Continue reading

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A Homeopath is Running Loose in my Neighborhood

My awesome new biologist neighbor has been teaching me all sorts of interesting things about gardening, healthy living and home décor. She took me on a tour of my backyard introducing me to all my botanical friends, makes the most … Continue reading

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And A Pestilence of Feminine Hygiene Products Shall Rain Down Upon Their Heads

This weekend we wrangled all six bebes into our minivans and headed downtown for the obligatory Guests-In-Town-Must-See-Water visit to Pike Place Market and the pier in Seattle. Shortly into the drive I noticed my cell phone was missing. Should we … Continue reading

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Parents are Not a Collective Moron

My kids think I’m a little slow and with my left eyelid swollen up like a kalamata olive today, I may look a little dim but I’m actually quite a smart lady.

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