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Please Sir – Buy My Wares

Things have been a little wild around here, me with my head cold, Dan with his stomach flu and the kids with the freedom to run wild through the house. Being the least sick of the two of us, it’s … Continue reading

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Brainiversity – Giveaway

***And the winners are Shaye and CBS! Congrats.*** I often feel that my brain is going to mush. I’ve tried reading Tolstoy, playing Sudoku, taking extended adult naps, brushing my teeth with my non-dominant hand and many other remedies for … Continue reading

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Magoo is Six of Awesome

When describing a mind-bogglingly huge number some people might use words like MILLIONS or BILLIONS but Magoo uses the number SIX. It’s a lot like “six” only a little different. [read more at]

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If Wishes Were Work Ethic

Sometimes I really wish I were good at laundry. The problem is — I don’t wish it enough to actually make it happen. I’ve known quality laundresses in my day (yes they’ve all been female). I’ve observed them and I’m … Continue reading

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Never Boring

I guess it depends on your definition of boring. Here’s a little snapshot of my life: Word on the street is that these dolls barely escaped when a fire began raging in the wooden prison where they were being held … Continue reading

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Tech Vader at the Gym

Well I just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take my techie nerdesty into the gym. I find that the more technological equipment I can strap to my person, the better I feel about the whole workout experience. It started … Continue reading

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