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At Some Point Everyone Needs to Come Clean

There is really never a good time to clean the dining room floor or change my clothes or shower. There’s always another meal-tastrophy on the way, another boogie to be wiped on my shirt or another workout to be done. … Continue reading

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The Things About Me

1. The cleanliness of my car in no way determines its ability to smell like poop. I could take a brand new car off the lot and if I put my kids inside, within 10 minutes the new car smell … Continue reading

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Lessons From Harriet Carter — Part 1

Dan and I love getting the Harriet Carter catalog and devour it like we’re reading the color funnies. But more than an entertaining page-turner, the Harriet Carter catalog is also an educational tool. The next 4 weekends, I will share … Continue reading

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Something Is Distressing Me

Laylee got out of bed the other night and told me, “I can’t sleep because there’s a noise in my room and it’s distressing me.” She was truly distressed by the sound of the pipes creaking or the frogs chirping … Continue reading

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I Slept Through My Alarm

Dan and I have been going to occasional marriage therapy for the last year. It started with post partum Issues I was having and continues from time to time because it’s just so darn much fun to find a babysitter … Continue reading

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Laylee Knows Best

Laylee wants fresh water for her dandelion flower. She NEEDS clear water for her dandelion flower. The dirty water in the kiddy pool out back is completely and not even a little bit not unsuitable for the growth and well-being … Continue reading

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