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Holiday Movie Readiness Questionnaire

We’ve been showing the kids our favorite Christmas movies. Most have been smashing successes. Home Alone, although funny to Laylee, came across as a total horror movie to Magoo. If you’re planning on watching it with your little ones this … Continue reading

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Boogie Time

I didn’t want to write about boogies today. I really really did not want to do that, but Magoo started talking about them this morning and I simply must share. [Read more at]

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2 Haikus on Inflatable Christmas Lawn Ornaments

On the way home from preschool, I came up with 2 haikus. Inflatable guys You lie flat all day on lawns It is pathetic All day you are flat Like the melted Wicked Witch You scare the children

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Howling Holidays

Between bouts of illness, we had about 24 hours to squeeze in some fun last weekend. The planets aligned just in time for us to head out on a short vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, WA. … Continue reading

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Death and Dying

The tree’s body lay on the living room floor for about 24 hours before I performed some drastic surgery with a cordless drill and some photo-hanging wire, restoring just enough of its health to prolong its life through the Christmas … Continue reading

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Setting Family Goals

“Wanda just sat there in her swing like an INFANT and offered no insight whatsoever. She’s kind of been acting like the family freeloader lately.” [read more at]

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