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Slashing Pumpkins

This poor pumpkin didn’t stand a chance. The conspiracy began when Papa snatched this poor guy right off the street and drug him back to our house. He carefully sliced a hole in the top of his noggin while Laylee … Continue reading

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You Want Me to Go Where, Now?

Sometimes Magoo talks with a not-splickable Southern accent. Magoo loves hills. The Seattle area is full of them. When he sees one coming up in the distance, he points and strains hulk-like at his carseat straps, yelling, “MOMMY!!!! GO TO … Continue reading

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A Smart Little Cookie

Here is a snapshot of a day in my life with Laylee: When I put Magoo in time out in the middle of the floor in Costco for continuously running away from me cackling, Laylee stated her approval. “MOM!” she … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

Are we the only ones who’ve been doing this for the past several weeks at Costco? Photo Sharing – Video Sharing – Share Photos – Free Video Hosting

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When We Know Better

When we know better, we do better. I wish I’d known more about postpartum mood disorders before Magoo was born. I wish more people were more informed. It is this wish that’s caused me to write my 3-part series at … Continue reading

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Scaring the Sale Out of Me

A traveling sales person who was “not selling anything” came by my house the other day. He was “not selling” home security systems. They were the best security systems ever and would change my life for the better and possibly … Continue reading

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