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Magoo Likes to Talk

Magoo loves his new book, Night Creatures, a Scholastic book order pick that teaches about all things nocturnal. With its help, he’s busily categorizing everyone and everything as either nocturnal or diurnal. Charles Ingalls from LHOTP is like a night … Continue reading

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Lego Batman

Any advice for the little video game addicts in our lives? “These goals are lofty and I sometimes fall short, but the hardest of all has been weaning Magoo off the virtual world where he lives with a Wii-mote in … Continue reading

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Dumpster Diving for Love

Yesterday we decorated for Christmas. It’s not officially December but the last of the mashed potatoes and stuffing were gone and it seemed like something I could do with a clean conscience and only moderate disapproval from my mother. She’s … Continue reading

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You Better Watch Out

You better not cry and all that nonsense because Santa’s kicking the cruelty up a notch this year. I opened my mailbox earlier this week and what to my wondering eyes should appear but the Franklin Covey Holiday Gift Guide … Continue reading

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Unplanned Emergency Drill

If it’s unplanned, some people might call it an “actual” emergency but no one died so I’d like to refer to it as a drill. Monday night we were staying up a little late to watch our new favorite show … Continue reading

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Becoming a Person

To help her learn some motor control, I’ve started her on a series of homemade physical therapy exercises. My favorite so far is called The Block Knock. It involves knocking blocks. I ask her to lie down on the mat. … Continue reading

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