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3T Ninja

My mom sent Wanda these cute leggings for her birthday. I misread the label, seeing it as NINJA (3T). It may not be what was actually on the label but I think it fits.

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A Tour of the House

This week at I’m taking my kids on a virtual tour of our house, introducing them to all the excellent features it has to offer. Dresser – Kids. Meet your dresser. Your clothes live inside. I know you’re aware … Continue reading

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Blueberries for Wanda

The school year started and my two oldest are both gone all day. I wasn’t happy to see them go. I felt sort of mad, like the school was kidnapping them or something. And then suddenly we had the house … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat Pancakes

I was going to say that this is not becoming a food blog but I can’t really commit to that because I love making and photographing food and lately I’ve been drawn more to blogs that offer me useful information … Continue reading

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