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Today I Got Shot

Do you ever spend an entire day wearing makeup and hanging out with a man who is not your husband, while your son mistakenly calls him Daddy?

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Today at, we’re talking about a new study that suggests trouble for kids in day care. Please go over and weigh in on the discussion. I stay home with my kids but I’m honestly not sure what I’d do … Continue reading

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Only One

Getting into the car this afternoon Magoo made a great find of a several week old animal cookie. He immediately stuffed it in his pie hole. Laylee: Oh MOM! I want a cookie too. Me: Laylee, it’s a disgusting germ-infested … Continue reading

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Straight Up Now Dan

Straight up now, tell me do you really wanna love me forever? Wo-oh-oh or am I caught in a hit and run? Straight up now, tell me is it gonna be you and me forever? Oh-oh-oh. Or are you just … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Rock Solid

Today I offer you some time-honored bits of advice that have served me well in my life. I hope they work for you and if you have some of your own, feel free to share. 1. If none of the … Continue reading

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I am One With the Dirt

We’re having some guests this Friday so I spent 6 hours on Saturday slogging through the mud in my new rain boots finding worms and pulling the hamstrings in both my legs, a little thing I like to call “yard … Continue reading

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