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We’re Totally “Bowling”

Yesterday Seattle hit an all-time high temperature of 103. It’s humid and hot and we’re all boiling in our way-too-pregnant skins. In an area with fewer than 13% of the homes having any kind of cooling system, we’re sweating and … Continue reading

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Onward Christian Soldiers — KABOOM!

Yesterday in church we were sang Onward Christian Soldiers as the closing hymn and as we finished, I leaned over to Dan and whispered, “KABOOM!” “What?” he looked at me in confusion. Oh. I thought he knew. Remember at the … Continue reading

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The 43-Dollar 4300-Calorie Tub of Sour Cream

We sat down to eat some lovely Mexican lasagna for dinner when I decided I COULD. NOT. EAT. IT. without sour cream. I left the family sitting at the dinner table and ran to the grocery store to pick up … Continue reading

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Protuberance Thompson

We’ve got 2 months left and we still have no name for this little chica. We’re getting more and more creative with our names. We look for them everywhere. Movie credits are fertile hunting grounds for names, especially if you … Continue reading

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Anyone Can Cook and Everyone Should

I wanted to actually make something for dinner, like a real meal that didn’t come in a box and did not contain any magical life-vest-orange mystery dust. Read more at

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Carding a Fat Lady

Since I don’t drink and rarely do anything that requires me to be over the age of 16, I have very few opportunities to be required to show identification. It generally only happens if I’m pulled over for speeding or … Continue reading

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