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Weathermen are Sinister

I’m not talking about The Weathermen, although bombing public places is also sinister. I’m talking about the men and women who predict the weather and then talk about it on television. I’m talking about exhibitionist meteorologists. These people are way … Continue reading

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Slave Labor from My Pregnant Perch

I’m not much for cleaning these days. I’m much for eating and sleeping and going to water aerobics with elderly women. Because I don’t feel like cleaning, I rarely make the kids do it either. When they clean, it basically … Continue reading

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Craigslist Gives Me Melon-Feet

I love the idea of Craiglist. You sell things. You buy things. You give away things so that people will haul them away from your house for free. I have been able to give things away on Craigslist that no … Continue reading

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Magoo thinks we should remove the baby via “foot-section.” Laylee doesn’t care how we get it out as long as we let her witness the carnage. [Read more at]

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I fluffed some stuffed animals and placed them in her crib just for the effect when she sees it for the first time. I know little babies are not supposed to sleep with a bunch stuff in their cribs until … Continue reading

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Snarky and Clueless

Sometimes I wonder when they will get a clue. I already know the answer but I ask it hypothetically to the universe in general and to my husband specifically. “WHEN WILL THEY GET A CLUE?!” The answer is – 20 … Continue reading

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