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A Mysterious Birthday Party

Laylee is TEN! Her oldness and lack of being young astound me. You feel me? Laylee’s a book nut, so her birthday parties often revolve around favorite literary masterpieces. A couple of years ago we did a Princess Academy theme … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Their Negative Voice

I’m really into giving myself a break lately. This morning there were no clean clothes. Pretty much none. Laundry has not been a priority lately as I’ve thrown myself into several home projects. I redecorated my writing space/office/junk room/guest room … Continue reading

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Love Songs For Jerks

Yesterday, I tried to get romantic. It’s Valentine’s week and I was feeling lovish so I got out my Nashville soundtrack CD, cued it up to what is currently my favorite love song and left it in Dan’s car so … Continue reading

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Worst Haircut in the World

Magoo’s hair had sprouted into this huge, massive muffin puff that could look cute and current, if every hair were arranged just so. BUT. If one hair were arranged not so? Bam. Street urchin. So tonight I decided to de-urchinize … Continue reading

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