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The Supertaster — Hero or Handicapped

Dan does not like to eat certain things, things that contain flavors, or as he calls them “tongue scorching flavonoids of misery and possible death.” (He has never actually said that with his lips. It’s more in the facial region … Continue reading

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Tinker-Bell Princess

Yesterday we had another hair-cutting extravaganza, my first since the mullet incident. At this point the layers have grown out to a length I am more comfortable with and I have learned to listen to my stylist when she tells … Continue reading

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Show and Tell

Today Blackbird is asking to see the street where we live. So here we go. This is one of my favorite shots of our street: Then there’s this: Video Hosting – Upload Video – Photo Sharing This is technically across … Continue reading

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On Waiting

I spend a lot of my time waiting. I wait for Laylee to go to the bathroom, for the water to boil, for the doctor to “see me now.” I wait. My grandma spent 20 years waiting, waiting to die, … Continue reading

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Before the Blog – Part 2

While I was busy predicting the outcomes of hockey games, teasing my younger brother and worrying about the competence of my mom’s obstetrician, Dan had weightier matters on his mind, like food, kick soccer and how glue works. Dan shared … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Birthday Parties

I keep getting spam email that says they have “just the thing to make your girl happy.” I almost want to click on the link. Maybe they have a good deal on My Little Ponies or Popsicles or people who … Continue reading

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