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Happy Halloween

I’ve got a Halloween post up at Parenting. Things may be a bit sparse over here for the next few days. We’ve got company in town and we’ll be too busy having fun to write about it. Peace.

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We Go Together – Couples’ Halloween Costume Ideas

Dan and I got all decked out for a costume party this weekend. Low-tech, low-budget, low-wow-factor, but also low-stress. The party was held at Nacho and Encarnación’s house. The two of them went all out. Dan and I like to … Continue reading

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Desperate Times

It’s the closest thing to a voodoo doll for exerting total control of your children. [read more at]

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Pollyanna Politics

Tearing down politicians seems to be a favorite pastime in this country. I don’t remember things always being so vicious. At what point did we stop thinking of public servants as people and start using them as punching bags to … Continue reading

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Quick! Call Angela Lansbury

Maybe I’ve watched too much Murder She Wrote but when I spotted this for sale at Costco, it seemed more sinister than festive. Additional storage for tree stands or crowbars or whatever. You’re gonna bind WHAT, now? This image just … Continue reading

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Knit Till You Drop

With all the slashing and simplifying I’ve been doing lately I’ve had time to pick up old hobbies. My latest compulsion is knitting. I want to do it all the time. I’ve finally gotten up the gumption to try and … Continue reading

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