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Mini Food Blogger in Training

She doesn’t blog about mini food. She is mini and she’s already thinking like a food blogger. Today I told Wanda it was lunch time and she said, “I want lunch abouuuuuuut apple sauce!” She added that she also wanted … Continue reading

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Little Boys

Magoo started Little League this week. I’ve never seen him this excited about a new sport. It could be all the gear. (The protective cup is certainly blowing his mind.) Maybe it’s the danger of never knowing when one of … Continue reading

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I resisted Pinterest for quite a while, not wanting one more place to waste time online but I finally succumbed a couple of months ago and I’m so glad I did. I spend maybe 15 minutes per day on the … Continue reading

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Like a Ninja

Today I thought seriously about calling up some of my film friends and asking them to follow me and Wanda around the house several hours per day. I need to capture her like Pooh needs to capture a Heffalump. I … Continue reading

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Dan called me from work yesterday, his voice somber. “I have something to tell you,” he said. “Okay?” My heart started racing. “So, how’s your anxiety?” “Oh, for the love, you’re freaking me out. Did you lose your job?” “No. … Continue reading

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They want a cat. Or a dog or a bat or a snail or a crab. They just want something to love. And given how baby hungry I’ve been since my sister gave birth to a little piece of heaven … Continue reading

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