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Singing Telegram

Wanda was sick. She’d been hacking up a lung for days and I’d kept her home from school and other activities. One morning she woke up coughing nigh unto death and barfed all over her bed. It was a lovely … Continue reading

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It’s All Fun and Games Until…

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Is There Any More Doctors?

I spent the evening with Wanda at the Urgent Care facility tonight. We’re really good at ear infections and eye infections and sinus infections and pretty much every infections. Last night she was up several times crying and in pain, … Continue reading

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They want a cat. Or a dog or a bat or a snail or a crab. They just want something to love. And given how baby hungry I’ve been since my sister gave birth to a little piece of heaven … Continue reading

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There has to be some better way to gauge how sick a kid is and to figure out what to do. I’ve been thinking of inventing a new kind of thermometer, a TherMomEter, that tells you the things you really … Continue reading

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Stealth Strep

“My favorite part of the stinkin’ long appointment in the 3’x4’ holding cell came when the doctor leaned in quietly with his little light to peek at Laylee’s throat. She held still. She stuck out her tongue. She said, “Aaaaahhhhhh.” … Continue reading

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