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January 2006 Tip Archives

01.31.06 Valentine’s Day – Romantic Surprises 01.24.06 What’s For Lunch? 01.17.06 Eating out With Kids 01.10.06 To the Happy Couple 01.03.06 Name My Van – A Tip Day Contest!

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It’s All About the Flow

Why did no one tell me this 3 years ago? At age 4 months, Laylee suddenly quit taking a bottle. Period. End of story. Magoo at age 3 months. Same story. In fact, I wrote about this cold-turkey experience in … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday – It’s Raining Romance

Happy getting ready for Valentine’s Day! You are, aren’t you? Getting ready? I can see all of you now, individually wrapping each of your beloved’s toothpicks and socks in heart-print paper, spraying perfume on be-jeweled handkerchiefs so he can carry … Continue reading

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Hymnals are Hilarious

So says Magoo. Not in so many words. He hinted at it by gasping and squealing loudly every time we opened the green book of joy throughout church today. Close the book. Silence. Open the book. Shaking, flailing, laughing and … Continue reading

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If I Were an X-Man

Ya ha deedle deedle, bubba bubba deedle deedle dum. Somehow it came up in conversation the other day that Dan can eat more Whoppers than any of his fellow GEEKS (Genius Extraordinary Engineering Kick-butt Superstars) at MegaCorp. This became the … Continue reading

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Tuppence a Bag

Some girlfriends and I took our kids out to a slightly too fancy restaurant for lunch. It was a restaurant where, if you’re lucky, a large sea lion will squash your car while you eat. Picture a classy restaurant overlooking … Continue reading

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