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I Taste Gross… RE: My Brains

She’s not little because she’s BIG and BIGGER and she’s “a little bit six” but she’s still three until Subtember. Today we were walking to the park, when some neighborhood dogs came running up and licked her all over. She … Continue reading

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One thing is certain. The Nintendo DS is mine. I purchased it with my birthday money a couple of years ago in a fit of My-Parents-Never-Let-Me-Have-A-Game-Boy-And-Now-Is-MY-Time exuberance. Dan said I wouldn’t use it and that I should just buy a … Continue reading

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Drops of Art

So many great things have come from this Drops of Awesome idea. I’ve made real and true friends, heard stories that will forever change me, both in writing and in person, and I’ve gotten to speak to women in groups … Continue reading

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On Magoo’s Mind – The Crushing Weight of Monarchical Responsibility

We’ve been going to Costco for the past 11 years lately and each time we go, we have to get our receipt “checked” by the receipt checking person at the exit. They don’t really check. But they are good with … Continue reading

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Alright With the Rain

We were enduring a typical Pacific Northwest underwater baseball practice the other day. I was hunched under my giant umbrella, wearing a slicker, sitting on my Tommy Bahama chair. Wanda, on the other hand, was running around like a maniac … Continue reading

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Day of Moms

Dan made breakfast for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. They made me presents at school and I set up the hammock Dan bought me right in the middle of the living room so it wouldn’t get rained on. We read … Continue reading

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