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Rules of Engagement

My kids were going to town fighting on the way to church this morning. Way to bring in the spirit of peace, love and joy! Go team! I’ve often heard cheerleaders yell, “Go! Fight! Win!” Maybe the kids were following … Continue reading

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What Do Your Kids’ Friends Call You?

It seems that more and more everyone just calls everyone by first names, like we’re all chums, BFFs, equals. As much as I choke on the “Mrs. Thompson” moniker, I like what it stands for. It means I’m an adult … Continue reading

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How Do I Do It?

I was walking through Pike Place Market with Wanda in the stroller last week when a woman came up and started making a big fuss over her, as she should. Wanda is unstoppably edible and adorable. “What a cutie!” she … Continue reading

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I Can See Clearly Now and the Rain is Gone But It Will Be Back RE: I Live in the Seattle Area

It seems that everyone who lives within a 500 mile radius of Seattle just says they’re from Seattle to save time. I sort of fall into that category. Our plays, concerts, zoos, museums and company parties are in Seattle but … Continue reading

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Nursing the Phatness

“Her happy dance consists of lying flat on her back with her dip-cone mohawk vibrating, her eyes bugging out of her head, her lips pursed, and her arms flapping at her side asynchronously like two uncoordinated metronomes beating different times … Continue reading

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Fist Pound for BACA

In Costco today I spotted a man with a ponytail. He was wearing a Harley Davidson biker jacket with the slogan “No Child Deserves to Be Afraid,” across the back and I knew he had to be one of them. … Continue reading

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