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02.28.06 Babysitter-Free Date Nights 02.21.06 Losing Weight – No Crazy Diets 02.14.06 Repressed Passion Movies 02.07.06 ALL Day LONG

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Tip Tuesday – Date Night without a Babysitter

Before proceeding with Tip Tuesday, I would like to address some questions on your minds lately: 1. Do we really have Daring Family Freestyle Rap Battles? Answer: Yes, we do. We just did. Don’t get me wrong, yo. It’s no … Continue reading

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I Can’t Carry her Around Forever

Like nearly everyone in America, I’m trying to lose weight. You may have guessed this from last week’s Tip Tuesday or from looking at the lovely pictures I post of myself on the website. Anywho, not much success happenin’ around … Continue reading

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Me? Don’t be so Hasty

I was recently talking with a friend who said she was suffering from “blogger’s block.” I told her that all she had to do was continually embarrass herself in public and she’d have plenty of blog-fodder to spew forth. Scene: … Continue reading

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That One Post

I just wrote a post. I really liked it. It is gone. My computer has committed suicide, taking the post with it. It was a longish post. It was a post about being in the ER all afternoon. It is … Continue reading

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Friday Night Ketchup

So, I’ve got a bunch of blogging stuff to catch up on. It’s almost Saturday and I haven’t even posted Thursday show and tell. So here’s my meal, roasted sweet potatoes and potato-potatoes and fork-tender roast beef: Three days out … Continue reading

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