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What an Awesome Deal!

It makes me feel so good about my purchase of these delicious and nutritious Mission Flour Tortillas when I see the price comparison right there in the grocery isle. Maybe I’ll stock up and save.

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Curly Locks

As we walked into church on Sunday, my friend Carmen said, “Wow. You should really get that girl some tap dancing lessons.” And she’s right, because then not only could I publish her childhood details online but I could possibly … Continue reading

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A Really Keen Giveaway

**A winner has been chosen** I’ve come to realize that there are 3 kinds of people in this world, those who wear and love Keens, those who covet Keens in a way that Moses would greatly disapprove of, and those … Continue reading

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Cutting Him Off

Magoo loves Lego Star Warts so much! I’m finding I love him too much to allow him to keep playing daily.

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Regarding Magoo

Do you remember the movie Regarding Henry with Harrison Ford, where he gets shot and turns into a vegetable and then has to do all kinds of rehab just to be able to speak and move his limbs and he … Continue reading

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Nearly Six

Each night in your prayers, you thank God for yourself and you mean it. You are absolutely tickled with who you are. You see yourself as a fashionista. To school yesterday you wore a brown, teal and cream plaid dress … Continue reading

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