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Today, as we’re leaving the soccer field, he asks if he can play at the skate park on the way home. He asks this most days after soccer practice and I always say no. Sometimes we’re in a rush to get somewhere. Usually we’re hungry, and generally there are a slew of tweenish and teenish boys and their female hangers-on doing cool tricks, smoking, and proving that they’re hardcore by dropping f-bombs as frequently as possible.
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I Tried so Bad!

Lately the kids in our family add “so bad” to the end of any sentence to mean they are really serious about what they’re saying. Examples: Cousin Ellie while swimming – “Kick so bad, mom. Kick so BAD!” Wanda – … Continue reading

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Feats of Strength – an Attempt at a Productive Third-life Crisis

I am 34… I think. I don’t have that many fingers and toes so it’s hard to accurately calculate but I’m pretty sure I’m a lot months younger than Dan, who is 35, so I will say I’m 34. Let’s … Continue reading

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