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French Bread and French Accents

Laylee just said, “Mom, you’re amazing! You can copy any voice and sound exactly like the person you’re imitating.” “Yes,” I said, “If that person is a member of the Lollipop Guild.” I am known for my munchkin impressions. “Also … Continue reading

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For Real – Stop Saying “Never”

This weekend Dan and I watched Justin Bieber: Never Say Never for our hot date night. I pitched it to him as “a chance to let the magic of documentary film transport us into the world of a strange and … Continue reading

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Anaconda Opportunity

This is by far the best road sign between our house and Billings. It’s possibly the best road sign anywhere ever. Who wouldn’t pull over at an exit that promises an Anaconda Opportunity? No one. That’s who. Today I’m offering … Continue reading

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Guess What I Ordered – No Really – Guess

It’s time to introduce a new game on the blog. I like to call it, “Guess What I Ordered – No Really – Guess.” The way it works is I order something in the mail and slowly reveal what I … Continue reading

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Taste Your Nerds

We were on vacation at grandma’s house last month and the kids had been outfitted with about all the candy and treats their bodies could handle. They were enjoying life immensely. One night, after brushing his teeth, Magoo asked if … Continue reading

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A Moment of Silence

Please take a moment and shed a tear for the thousands who gave their lives on our windshield as we drove accross the country these past two weeks.

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