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The Good

I’ve decided that buying a house is a lot like having kids. When you decide to do it, everyone tells you what a big fat hairy adjustment it is, how much work and added responsibility it will require but that … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Cool It

Monday was another scorching hot day in rural Seattle with highs reaching into the low 90s. Thou darest to call me a wuss? Ha HA! Well it may seem a bit more scorcherific if you picture unpacking boxes all day … Continue reading

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And I Never Got to Say Goodbye

This doesn’t smell like my house. There are new weeds growing since we got the keys on Thursday and there are no condo association “guys” to come and obliterate them. We are the guys. We’re also the guys who need … Continue reading

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Good News

We have more cupboards than I remembered from our original viewing of the house. I just spent almost 5 hours putting shelf paper down in the kitchen. Dog food and spaghetti sauce spills in the cupboards. Yick! On a sadder … Continue reading

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Be a dear, would you?

Pick me up some apple boxes while you’re at the grocer. We’re moving, you see…

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Deet Lips are Not for Kissing

A couple of nights ago, my mom put her arm around me and said quietly, “The pool is perfect. There’s a romantic full moon out and I’m going to bed now with my blinds shut and my door closed. Goodnii-iight.” … Continue reading

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