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My Fear of Holes

I don’t really trust the holes in my washer. I refuse to put the soap in until the bottom holes fill with water. Who wants to throw all that detergent into a pock-marked abyss? Not me. And so I wait.

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Tip Tuesday — Save a Penny

With a leettle expert advice, we’ve decided the new roof can wait for a few years while we save up to pay for it in cash. If things get really bad, we may send Laylee and Magoo to live in … Continue reading

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The Touching

Come visit me at the parenting post today and see why I’m thinking of hiring a Human Resources director to come live at my house.

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Tip Tuesday – Cheer Up Little Fella

What cheers you? What brings you joy? When you need a quick pick-me up during the day, where do you turn? Paint your toenails all different colors. If you really want to cheer up, paint your daughter’s too. If you … Continue reading

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Comments Rule

Today I got the best comment ever on my blog at The Parenting Post. “Seriously.. if my name were Magoo I’d want to commit suicide.. I can’t believe people are actually listening to this stupid baby-naming fad.. STOP NAMING YOUR … Continue reading

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God Knows We’re Lost

It’s coming up on two years since Magoo was born and I still struggle with anxiety and depression issues originally triggered by his birth. My brain hurts from thinking about my brain. I’m tired of wondering what constitutes chemical deficiency … Continue reading

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