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¼ Cup Pea Chopstick Challenge

Laylee’s been talking smack. She’s learned how to hold a chopstick recently. Now, I’m not saying she’s learned how to hold chopsticks or even A chopstick correctly. No. Not so much. She has opposable thumbs and she can use them … Continue reading

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Chrubol with a Capitol CH

Magoo has developed a great love affair with markers. He likes to write all over his body with them but only if they are of the non-washable variety. We’ve been upping the consequences each time and at this point anyone … Continue reading

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Googling Solutions to Cleaning Blood Stains While Teaching Preschool

Do you remember a while back I wrote a post about the level of sheer carnage occurring with my brawling preschoolers? Well things have calmed down through the months. The kids have stopped the smackdown and their attention spans have … Continue reading

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Calling All Sports Fans

Do your kids participate in competitive sports? How in the world do you cope with it. Recent experience has shown me that I can. not. handle the pressure of watching my loved ones play in sporting events where there’s a … Continue reading

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Best Wine List Ever

What makes for an award-winning wine list? Nice font choice? Good use of white spice? High quality paper? I hardly think it was the art work. I wonder what it would take for my To-Do list to become “award winning.”

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I’m very tunnel-visioned when I feel yucky like this. I feel like it will go on forever. I feel like no one has ever suffered so greatly. I feel that my feelings are self-centered and off base and yet I … Continue reading

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