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Reasons I’m Glad I’m Not a Celebrity Mom

1. I would not like to claim the world record for “Celebrity Mom Hiding a Baby Bump for the Longest Time Ever Without Producing a Baby.” It seems that every issue of OK! or US Weekly shows a picture of … Continue reading

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McSquidgems’ Self-Infatuation

Some might call it narcissism but I like to think of it as a healthy dose of self esteem. Our baby is in love with herself. Here she is at her one-month checkup. She screamed in the lobby and again … Continue reading

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Great Job!

10 points go to Jen @ The Short Years for guessing that the terror alert meant only that the teacher had grabbed another stamp. When Dan asked Laylee about the stamps she said, “Oh yeah. We get some kind of … Continue reading

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First Grade Terror Alert

I recently found a calendar in the pocket of Laylee’s school folder. It’s the folder that we use to send communications back and forth from home to the classroom. Her young, fun and perky teacher is always coming up with … Continue reading

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Building a Bunker

Dan and I were recently watching a TV commercial about some facial lotion that claimed to renew your DNA or possibly restructure it. We were flabbergasted. What a load of… Well, if a lotion could do that, it could also … Continue reading

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Teamwork Equals Good

We’re into Dan’s second week of paternity leave and I’ve decided that I love being half of a stay-at-home mom. [read more at]

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