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Creepy Cat Shopping

We were walking around after a dinner out the other night when we came across this. Dan pointed to the number crossed out and said, “That’s a pretty creepy way to get a cat. You just go around and find … Continue reading

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Hubby Can Draw Drops of Awesome Art Print Giveaway

Tons of great things have come from releasing Drops of Awesome out into the world. One of my favorites is that it helped me discover Brandon Miltgen’s art. We met through my blog and when I saw the Drops of … Continue reading

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Hear Us Roar

First day of preschool and they’re reading a dinosaur book. For the first week the teacher has the kids come in small groups so she can get to know them and help them feel comfortable with the routines. Wanda is … Continue reading

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It’s the Presents That Do It

[This is a guest post by Dan!] Wanda recently had a birthday. Among her many joyous activities she had some time to sit down and do a little drawing. She was drawing a picture of a little girl and I … Continue reading

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Please Sir, Will You Buy My Book?

We’re so close, I can taste it. I guess I could actually taste it, if I wanted to. Although Drops of Awesome: The You’re-More-Awesome-Than-You-Think Journal doesn’t release for another week, I already have my copies in all their deliciousness. That … Continue reading

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This Big Yellow Car Came and Took My Children

Well, it starts. School. More specifically middle school. Queue the silent scream. This person is far too old and far too tween-ular for my liking. I still like her, but like I said, the silent scream. Things take longer in … Continue reading

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