I saw an IMAX movie about Egypt on a date with Dan this weekend. I really think that if given the budget and footage they had, I could have made a much better film. I mean, look what I did with Allysha‘s husband, $20, 4 pirate radio DJs, a couple of Mexican wrestling masks and a pair of pantyhose. I didn’t even have Omar Sharif when I made that film and let’s just say it was pure cinematic magic.

Seriously, I should be making films when I’m not making kids.

We did not intend to see the IMAX movie, the juggling guy, or the mole rats. Our plans were thwarted and it makes no sense to me.

Translate these rare scribblings if you dare.
Is it common to sell out a museum exhibit? Will people’s retinas begin to burn holes in the preciously preserved documents if more than 150 of them pass through the dark room each day?

Hieroglyphic translation — I didn’t see the Dead Sea Scrolls. Sold out. Paid babysitter. Bites.

One good thing about this weekend: I told Magoo to go find Dad and tell him “Raaarrrrrr!” Magoo ran to Dan…yay, he’s doing what I asked…and then ran right past him…ah well…grabbed a plastic polar bear from the toy room…ran back to Dan…held out the bear…and said…”Raaarrrr!”

In Magoo’s world, bears, big cats, teddy bears, small fluffy sheep and his mom after paying $60 for babysitting, parking and gas to be told that the Dead Sea Scroll Exhibit is sold out all say “Raaarrrr!”

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13 Responses to Hieroglyphics

  1. allysha says:

    hey, first? the kids are up early, blasted daylight savings time gone by. I just wanted to say those pirate radio DJs were good. I didn’t know you were in charge of the mexican wrestling masks. They were great. Also I applaud the two of you for your frugality. Also you should take orders in case anyone is interested in viewing your art.

  2. Tressa says:

    Yup, that bites. At least you & Dan had a date. The scrolls were here a year or so back & I never got to go either.

  3. Oh yeah, Daylight Savings Time. That’s why my kids were all up by 6:30.

    THANK YOU for including the translation. And that does make you wonder, selling out a museum exhibit… do you think it has something to do with fire laws? Like, if people were there in line and someone pulled the fire alarm… Hmmmm. Deep.

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend. 🙂 Even after you paid the babysitter and everything.

  4. falwyn says:

    Y’know, your son and mine clearly speak the same language (I loved your “frequency” post SO MUCH).

  5. Julie Q. says:

    I loved the heiroglyphs. Especially where the babysitter appears poised to actually sit ON the baby. It’s a odd term when you really think about it.

  6. Sare says:

    sorry you didn’t get to see the scrolls. It’s so much harder to get out and do fun stuff when there’s babies involved.

    I bet your heiroglyphics were much more interesting than the dead sea scrolls.

  7. wendy says:

    Bummer about the scrolls, but I’m glad you got to go out on a hot date with your man!

    Can’t wait to see the debut of your movie career!

  8. Jen says:

    I wondered if you’d be able to go see them. They opened the weekend of the wedding, I was so sad there was no way we could go see them. Try, try again. I’m sure it will be worth it!

  9. grammyelin says:

    Gosh, I missed that exhibit when it came to Houston, too. We must be cousins or something. I’m still glad you and Dan got time away. Sometimes that’s more important than the actual activity anyway.

  10. KYouell says:

    My son does the “Raaarrr!” thing too. Only he’s attached it to the word monster. “Are you a monster?” “Raaaarrr!” “Are you a Cheerio monster?” “Raaarrr (while showing A.B.C. Cheerios)!”

    Are you a yogurt monster is my favorite. Makes me laugh every time even though I sometimes get sprayed.

  11. Pieces says:

    Fortunately my sister figured out for me that it is essential to buy tickets ahead of time. So I sent her down to get tickets for us to go on Thursday. I guess weekdays are even harder to get in then the weekends–must be school groups or something. I hope that you get a chance to go back.

  12. Tammy says:

    I’m laughing (well, on the inside, I just woke up and sipping my coffee)…but sorry it was all sold out! No clever comment, though…I’m lucky to type this early.

  13. Bethanny says:

    Man, that stinks! Sorry it was sold out — I would be muy bummed.
    I like your hieroglyphics, though. “Bites” … hee hee!

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