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Don’t Watch This

If you’re prone to vomit when exposed to extreme cuteness, please do not watch this video of Laylee singing in the Elementary School Musical. It’s like High School Musical but Laylee’s way cuter and more talented than Mr. Zachory Efron … Continue reading

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Speedily Down to Hell

Today in the car, Magoo noticed that several cars were speeding past us. Magoo: They are going off the speed limit mom! Totally! Me: Yep. They’re going pretty fast. Magoo: They’re going too fast. We don’t drive like that. Me: … Continue reading

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Rambo Gardening Techniques and Punk Firefighters

My approach to gardening this year is to kill kill kill everything in sight. I wanted to plant some things but there is no room in my yard for useful vegetation because it’s all been taken over by crazy soul-sucking … Continue reading

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Food for Wanda

Wanda doesn’t so much like to nurse any more. If the room is dark and silent and she is extremely tired but not deliriously tired, she will maybe possibly nurse. She is more likely to nurse if we are lying … Continue reading

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Breakup Weight Gain

Wanda’s winding down on nursing, trying to break up with me gently. I’m a bit sad, a bit excited about getting my body back and a bit scared about what will happen to that body when it’s back under my … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day from our bed of revellers to yours!

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