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Stop Second Guessing Yourself

Jen Singer of recently sent me a copy of her new book Stop Second Guessing Yourself – The Toddler Years and I’m really enjoying it’s no-nonsense crash course in raising a child through the crazy times. I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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Laylee Updated

For an update on Laylee, check out [].

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F Minus

I recently had a lot of fun going through this guy’s stuff. Thanks to Stephanie for pointing him out to me.

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The Wavy Arm

Every day when Laylee gets off the bus, she and Magoo run down the hill to our house at top speed, scaring me to death and forcing me to cup my hands and yell, “SLOW DOWN. YOU’LL FALL AND BREAK … Continue reading

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Miss Match

Today the school had a dress code. It was Mismatch Day. Laylee wears the absolute craziest outfits to school almost every day, plaid pants with floral top, pink and red together with an orange skirt over top and purple socks, … Continue reading

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A Couple of New Posts

I’ve written a guest post over at my friend Damomma’s place. She’s the new mother of a 3rd baby and this is my version of taking over a casserole. It’s a puke-casserole, but I hope it helps her out in … Continue reading

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