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I’ve decided there are ways I can make money off this whole preschool gig. [read more]

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Talk Like a Pirate Day

AHOY! Ellie and I want to remind you to talk like a pirate today. ‘Tis good for the soul, mateys! So grab some grog and let loose with a hearty “YO HO” because a pirate’s life is the only life … Continue reading

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Fat Oprah and Me

I’ve never been much of an athlete. I did some pathetic gymnastics in elementary school and junior high. I loved it but I wasn’t exactly one of the girls the instructors spent any extra time on. They didn’t see me … Continue reading

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The Phantom Experience — According to Dan

Yeah. That guy’s pretty much a freak show.

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The Phantom Experience

From age 13 when my friend Erin’s family saved pennies in a jar to go to The Phantom of the Opera, I’ve dreamed of seeing the Broadway show. The more I found out about the plot of the musical however, … Continue reading

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On this lovely Saturday night I offer you some long overdue shout-outs. For those of you living in Utah or visiting my parents in Montana or who aren’t willing to use the power of intention to draw her to you … Continue reading

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