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Drops of Thank You

Thank you so much to everyone who read and shared my post from two weeks ago with your family and friends, maybe enemies whose attitudes you were hoping to change. The number of people who have shared their kind words … Continue reading

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Dan called me from work yesterday, his voice somber. “I have something to tell you,” he said. “Okay?” My heart started racing. “So, how’s your anxiety?” “Oh, for the love, you’re freaking me out. Did you lose your job?” “No. … Continue reading

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Being Fragile

Something happens to me after a baby is born. If you’re a mother, it’s probably happened to you too. I suddenly feel like the world around me is breakable, myself, my family made of shatter-resistant glass that’s fully capable of … Continue reading

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Birth, Billy and Beyond

The delivery was awesome. Many of you followed on Twitter as I took my geekishness to new heights by tweeting one of my family’s most personal and dramatic moments. It was such a great way to keep our family updated … Continue reading

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Odd Numbers or Bad Things Come in Threes?

My friends with big families love to help prepare me for this next little munchkin by telling me horror stories about the adjustment going from 2 to 3 children. They’re trying to be helpful but I’m afraid they don’t quite … Continue reading

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Late For School

Thank you so much for all of your kindness as I’ve been going through this rough time. It’s not hard to be open about my struggles when I get such a gracious and loving response. It’s amazing how fast the … Continue reading

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