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Things have been a little wild around here, me with my head cold, Dan with his stomach flu and the kids with the freedom to run wild through the house. Being the least sick of the two of us, it’s fallen on me to buck up and take care of things which I’ve been doing to an extent. Dan seems to still be living and partially hydrated and I distinctly remember washing at least 2 dishes today and at least looking at the laundry.

Being mostly home-bound, I decided that today was a good day to get my Etsy shop up and running. I’ve been making stuff for a while now and selling and giving it to friends and family but I think it’s time I got my act together and offered it to you good citizens of the interweb.

My most urgent seller right now is the Halloween Boo Bag. It’s perfect for all your Halloween panhandling needs. When you take your kids from door to door begging for food this October, you should do it in style with one of these adorable cotton treat bags. Each bag is made of 100% cotton and tinged with cuteness harvested directly from Magoo’s cheeks.

Tomorrow is Laylee’s big long appointment at Seattle Children’s. She’ll start the day off with a CT Scan and then we’ll be meeting with doctors, audiologists and geneticists to determine what’s the deal with her hearing loss and to find out what our options are. We’ve been waiting for months for this appointment. Wish us luck. A prayer or two couldn’t hurt.

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  1. Corrie says:

    Luck and prayers aplenty.

    (just a tip: take snacks)

  2. I had no idea about your daughter’s hearing loss – I’m a relatively new reader. I’m sorry to hear about it. I lost the hearing in my right ear quite suddenly last year at this time. One minute I could hear, the next – totally deaf. The doctors think I contracted some sort of virus here in China, but noone knows for certain.

    Hearing loss is a real pain – not being able to hear what’s going on in large groups or crowded areas is embarrassing. And misinterpreting my husband or kids is annoying. But I’m getting used to it, mostly. I think people are incredibly adaptable, and I’m learning to listen differently (also I get to ignore my husband when he wants my help and I’m feeling lazy).

    I think your daughter will be fine no matter what. The fact that you are pursuing this and getting answers is what counts – don’t worry about what you might have done differently. You might never get an answer to why this has happened – so be kind to yourself. Remember, she’s healthy, she’s happy, and her hearing aids are just a small part of who she is.

    That said, I’ll keep your daughter in my prayers.

  3. jsprik says:

    **prayers** prayers** prayers** **prayers** **luck** 😉

  4. Keyona says:

    Good luck with the appointment and I’ll keep your little princess in my prayers! :o)

  5. Gwendolyn says:

    I’ll be praying!

  6. allysha says:

    Of course, prayers. Good Luck!

    Also, here’s a testimonial to your bibs and hats: They are AWESOME and totally darling! Buy them!

  7. says:

    Good Luck tomorrow with your daughter. The waiting is the hardest part! We have recently been going through something similar. My 2 year old son has problems with his left foot and leg (the left foot toes out and is one whole shoe size smaller than the right). We have been traveling to Primary Childrens in SLC to see orthopedists and neurologists in hopes to discover why and how to prevent one leg growing shorter than the other. We have been having appointments and tests since April. We have heard it all from an intrauterine stroke to a cartilage bar. After 4 MRI’s and an EMG, they can’t find anything neurologically wrong with him so it is back to ortho to begin the process of tests with them.

    I am grateful that besides the leg and foot, he is good health. My neighbor’s 5 month old is waiting for a liver transplant.

    It is a long process, the waiting to actually get the appointment, the waiting for test results…it is enough to drive a mother CRAZY! I hope that you find the answers you are looking for. Good Luck!

  8. Beth says:

    Of course prayers are heading your way!!!

  9. Paige says:

    Oh, I know I’m late in wishing you well, but I hope it went well, and wasn’t too traumatic for you or her.

  10. Michelle says:

    Your boo bags make me wish I was either young enough for trick-or-treating or in possession of some children to send off in my stead.

  11. All Adither says:

    You crafty girl, you. Take lots of books to the appointment too. Preferably some she hasn’t read much of before. And treats. In the form of food.

    Good luck.

  12. Carolee says:

    Good luck with the appointment — I hope you get some answers and help!

  13. Holly says:

    Good luck with the appointment!

  14. Monica says:

    Keep us posted! Ask lots of questions and don’t be afraid to get second opinions. And third…and fourth…and fifth. We went through almost 10 audiologists before finding one that was receptive to our questions and good with kids as well.

  15. KYouell says:

    Prayers and good wishes and luck have been sent north forthwith!

    I agree to taking snacks and would also bring beverages. During one of the surgery or procedure days we forgot water and were saddened by how much it cost at the hospital. Obviously it was redirected sadness, but you don’t want to break down in tears over it like I did.

    If I had any disposable income I would send it your way via Etsy. Cute stuff!

  16. grammyelin says:

    Love you all! Here are tons of love and prayers and best wishes. Hang in there, K. You can do it!

  17. cchrissyy says:

    My DYM pedometer arrived this week, i’m still quite inspired by your new active lifestyle!

    Been there, done that with the complicated medical search for answers. My boy’s situation is different of course, but I remember the feeling during the testing and waiting for consultations and diagnosis stuff. Anyway, I promise once you find out what’s going on and have a name for it and the Drs tell you what to do about it, it brings peace! Even when you have to go through treatments and grieve and advocate with the schools and all that, you’ll feel centered and confident about what needs to be done to help her best. It’s better on this side of the appointments.

  18. Shalee says:

    Prayers are on the way. Let us know the outcome as you find out. I’ll say a few extra prayers for your emotions too!

  19. Kris says:

    Good luck tomorrow. It sounds like a very rough week. I hope you get answers and that everyone is feeling better soon. Hang in there!

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