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I resisted Pinterest for quite a while, not wanting one more place to waste time online but I finally succumbed a couple of months ago and I’m so glad I did. I spend maybe 15 minutes per day on the … Continue reading

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Grow Your Own Easter Grass

My fabulous next door neighbor is like the all-natural McGyver of crafting. She can take sticks, dirt specks and pine gum and create an elegant chandelier. She can make anything in the world out of sheep’s wool and she notices … Continue reading

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I clean and clean but then Laylee “recycles” and ruins all my plans. [read more at]

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Chrubol with a Capitol CH

Magoo has developed a great love affair with markers. He likes to write all over his body with them but only if they are of the non-washable variety. We’ve been upping the consequences each time and at this point anyone … Continue reading

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Knit Till You Drop

With all the slashing and simplifying I’ve been doing lately I’ve had time to pick up old hobbies. My latest compulsion is knitting. I want to do it all the time. I’ve finally gotten up the gumption to try and … Continue reading

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Please Sir – Buy My Wares

Things have been a little wild around here, me with my head cold, Dan with his stomach flu and the kids with the freedom to run wild through the house. Being the least sick of the two of us, it’s … Continue reading

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